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"Hi Shane, I am in the middle of my first acupuncture case for diabetic nocturnal paraesthesias (15 years duration) and after 5 treatments, all symptoms have disappeared.

I did your course a few months ago and with the greatest respect to you, I did have reservations as to whether acupuncture, for diabetic paraesthesias in particular, was really going to work or was something that I could be skilled enough to do.

Its just amazing and I can only thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us. I recommend the course to others, sincerely."

Rebecca Rushton

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"You have an excellent understanding of acupuncture but MOST importantly your teachings are MEMORABLE and you have INSPIRED me!"

Renea Davies


Sorry I haven't got in touch after the Acupuncture course in Dublin Iv been extremely busy with exams at the moment. I was the participant that had Raynauds disease. I have carried out acupuncture 3 times on the hallux area and have found that my feet are actually not as cold. I have noticed that I don't need  to wear socks to bed anymore and its not due to the fact that the summer months are in  because temperatures have not risen over here. I feel the acupuncture is having a positive effect and will continue to do it more regularly and update you continually.