Counterstrain for the Lower Extremity - Jones Manual Therapy Workshop


Evidence based, highly practical and clinically orientated.  Guaranteed to inspire you and revolutionise your practise!

A two day course designed for podiatrists includes:

  • Quick tests to identify dysfunction in the biomechanical and fascial chains linking the foot with the leg, pelvis and spine
  • Counterstrain (Jones point) techniques to treat structural dysfunctions of the sacrum, ilium, knee, ankle and foot and muscles within the anterior, lateral and posterior myofascial chains.
  • Extensive pre - course reading is also provided.



VENUE                                       2015 DATES

PERTH                                  June 13 - 14 (Earlybird-1 May)

ADELAIDE                             July 18 - 19  (Earlybird - 5 June)

BRISBANE                             August 1 - 2 (Earlybird - 19 June)

SYDNEY                                August 15 - 16 (Earlybird - 3 July)



EARLYBIRD PRICE (before earlybird date)

                          $700 + $70GST = $770 2 days


BASIC COST (after earlybird date)

                          $750 + $75GST = $825 2 days






Osteopathic Techniques of the Foot and Ankle for Podiatrists

Osteopathic Techniques for the Foot and Ankle for Podiatrists

These workshops will be conducted by Joel Bell, Osteopath. Joel has taught these techniques to Podiatrists and Postgraduate Physiotherapists in Europe for the recent past. Joel has now returned home and set up his Osteopathic practice in Perth. He is very keen to continue passing on his skills to Podiatrists and has presented this workshop already in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart.

The aim of the 2 day workshop is to introduce the participants to a range of osteopathic manual techniques which are available and appropriate for clinical use by podiatrists as an adjunct to existing clinical skills.

The workshop will be practical in nature with a dual intention:

a) Achieving competency of some skills ready for immediate utilization in the clinic.

b) Providing exposure to more advanced skills which can lead to a special set of skills above and beyond normal podiatric modalities.

The workshop will provide benefit to all podiatrists. These types of techniques have a broad group of indications for diverse types and ages of patients and fit clearly into the skill set that podiatrists should be capable of providing as part of their total foot care service.



Upcoming Workshops

Maximum of 16 Participants in all Osteopathic Workshops


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Earlybird:              $700 + $70GST = $770 2 days

Basic Cost:            $750 + $75GST = $825 2 days                           






1 Day Review

Earlybird Rate        $396   


After earlybird expired basic cost applies


Basic Cost              $429      


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