General Workshop Information - Resisting the "Dumbing Down" systems.

Artisan is taking an active role in providing educational resources to Podiatrists in the face of the onslaught of the "new" systems which treat the foot as having a "perfect position" rather than treating it as "having a function".

To that end we have provided resource materials in newsletters to our existing clients as well as providing practical workshops in various aspects of orthotic therapy. Artisan has also taken on a role of providing education on the practical modalities that logically combine with Orthotic Therapy to produce enhanced outcomes.

If you would like any of the workshops listed below to be presented in your area, please contact Artisan:

Existing workshops either delivered by Artisan or faciliated by Artisan include:

1.Advanced Orthotic Therapy.

2.Orthotic Manufacture.

3. Practical Acupuncture for Podiatists which includes Western Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling for Podiatrists

4. Acupuncture for Advanced Podiatrists.

5. Practical Acupuncture for Podiatrists (UK and Ireland),

All presented by Shane Toohey, Podiatrist/Acupuncturist


Musmed workshops on Mobilisation techniques,presented by Dr Paul Conneely

Osteopathic Foot Mobilisation Techniques for Podiatrists and Advanced Techniques, presented by Joel Bell, Osteopath and Podiatrist.

Strain-Counterstrain workshops presented by Haydn Gambling, Physiotherapist.

Lower Limb Rocktape Workshops by Rocktape