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1st May 2015 - PERTH


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Advanced Orthotic  Therapy

Orthotic therapy as it has been practiced for the past few decades is based on theories shown by research to be fundamentally incorrect. More recently, simplified practical systems have become more widely used. These systems have even less evidence base and rely often on the gullibility of the practitioner and general public.

If this is the context within which we practice, on what basis can we deliver mechanical interventions. As Podiatrists we are well aware of how effective mechanical interventions can be in previously unresponsive conditions and also how sometimes our orthoses are completely ineffective and even a source of exacerbation of the presenting problem. The possibility is that our interventions work and don't work for reasons outside our theories. We'll look at a system for treating each case on its separately rather than trying to create some theoretical normality.

This intensive one day workshop presents a logical and practical assessment and diagnostic process, including the use of chairside devices. Chairside devices may stand alone as the mechanical intervention of choice or become the basis for effective prescribing of customised devices.

The participants are introduced to an extensive range of cast and device variables.  All cast variations are explained and demonstrated in their practical methodology such that their functional effect is easily understood. This will help participants understand also how scanning systems pretend to deliver the same effect and fall short. The workshop concludes with practical sessions on casting, trouble shooting and other aspects of case management. Sections of this workshop are conducted with participants working in pairs.

The workshop will be conducted by Shane Toohey, Managing Director of Artisan Orthotic Laboratory

 Advance Orthotic Therapy


1st May 2015 - PERTH


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