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Our Profile

Artisan Orthotic Laboratory opened in 1990, by a small partnership of Podiatrists with experience in orthotic manufacture, the clinical use of orthoses and undergraduate education.

Our primary goal was to manufacture prescription made orthoses for Podiatrists and to support the advancement of this therapy for the benefit of the general public.

The cornerstones for providing this service have always been:

  • To enable the prescriber to get the orthoses they want by fully explaining our systems and how to use the widest range of prescription variables available;
  • To devise the most accurate techniques so that there is real consistency in our production thereby creating confidence for the prescriber in the outcome;
  • To provide active consultancy, not only being available to handle queries, but also spreading information about handling specific conditions and new advances in the therapy. Within Australia, please freecall us on 1800647022 with any query about how we may help you.
  • We have expanded our role and service in key areas to further enhance the service that our clients may provide for the general public.
  • We have imported the most advanced material available for use in providing mechanical treatment in the 'at risk' foot.
  • We sponsor and provide workshops on orthotic therapy and adjunctive treatment of musculoskeletal pain.
  • We now provide our full service internationally. From outside Australia, please email: