Warm and airy supports for your feet.

A good insole is important for your body and sole. The best insole is the one you don't even feel, but which gives your foot the necessary support.

Therrox Comfort insoles have special insulating and moisture diverting properties, large air volume and open fibre structure, that makes your feet feel soft and warm.

Therrox Comfort insoles have the same good properties as insoles used in well-known branded shoes. You can wash the insole in ordinary washing machines. Simple cleaning and thorough airing prevents bacterial growth.


Therrox Comfort consists of two layers of fibre needled together. The structure at the bottom is vacuumed into a hardened shape, heat molded around plaster foot cast, and is adapted by an expert to obtain therapeutically effected support relief. The top layer is shock absorbent, and the surface in contact with the skin and textiles are pleasantly soft and warm.

Therrox Comfort keeps the foot warm and removes moisture, therefore ideal for diabetics.


Therrox Comfort insoles can be washed at a temperature of 40°c in a domestic washing machine, with no change in quality or shape.


Insoles made from Therrox Comfort are used by active users in a period of two years without changing its shape.

Vapour Penetration

Vapor penetration describes a material's ability to divert moisture. The method consists of measuring vaporization as weight reduction in a water filled vessel, covered with the test material. A comparison with the material EVA, shows that while EVA has released approximately 0.1 grams, Therrox Comfort has released 1.5 grams after 24 hours.

Air Penetration

Air penetration is measured according to an established standard. The method consists of measuring the airflow through a piece of the material, with a known pressure difference for the two sides. The test shows that the material EVA is practically airtight, whilst Therrox Comfort breathes, measuring 60 liters per dm2/min.