Thermoplastic Devices


We mainly use clear 'natural' poly in thickness 3, 4, 5 and 6mm. We also have the grey poly in 3, 4.5mm. Poly has been widely accepted worldwide as a good material for functional orthoses. It conforms reasonably well to the cast and holds shape well, unless prescribed too thin for weight.

We advise 3mm for up to 35kg, 4mm up to 80kg, 5mm, up to 110kg and 6mm above. You may vary these guidelines for exceptionally heavy-duty activity.


These devices repesent the best alternative for a softer, more flexible device. The shell is pressed in 2mm poly and the inferior surface is filled with PPT. The PPT will not deform and supports the poly in it's pressed shape. PPT will however abrade and so a bottom cover of cambrelle is applied to resist this happening.

Greatest flexibility is maintained if the PPT is continued into the heel. These devices may have an extrinsic rearfoot post applied to give them greater rearfoot integrity.


We make EVA devices form EVA400 (firm) or EVA300 (medium). Softer grades will compress too rapidly for us to be confident about supplying them. We also only advise the 300 for very light activity.

We can make EVA devices on foot impressions to accommodate lesions and ulcers. Balanced devices are best made from neutral negative casts.

We also Manufacture

Accommodative Insoles

Accommodative insoles are generally made with a base of Opulex or Lunasoft. Poron or EVA build ups can be attached. We require a template with build up drawn into position including thicknesses marked of the various materials.

Ankle Foot Orthoses

Please contact us about protocol for these devices.